Have you ever seen this color? – how to buy IZ*ONE official goods, via Japan

Let’s assume, so you keep on reading this blog post, that your fave girl from Produce48 made it to the top 12 and debuted in IZ*ONE. You’re still following the group, right?

Good. You’re a good fan. You’re in love, right? And we know you need somewhere good that’s got the official idol goods. We’re good for it.

But wait, what – a Japanese proxy shopping site can help you buy K-Pop merch? Sure can. Japan-only releases, rare items from fan events, and resales of limited online and venue-only goods. They show up on websites and auctions often enough that it’s a buying option you should know about.

COLOR*IZ – the 1st Korean mini album

O’ My! (Go on, see if you can find how many IZ*ONE song references we tried to work into this post.)

Decide if you need the ROSE version or COLOR version in your life. Or both – some shops give you the choice. The physical CD comes with the extra track, so for completionists it’s worth getting.

The albums are also bundled with photobooks, and random bonuses like solo and unit photocards, CD designs, and posters. So you get a lot of extras, but no idea who’ll be featured on them.

Oh yeah, and 2 more items guaranteed to divide fans: a ‘Jang Wonyoung Debut Centre Edition’ poster and photobook. We’re not denying she deserves it for winning the show ranking. But will any other members who centre a single/album get the same treatment? Let’s wait and see.

Suki to Iwasetai – the 1st Japan single

Japanese verb tenses are fun. And when we say ‘fun’, we mean ‘annoying’. ‘Iwasetai’ (言わせたい) can mean ‘I want (you) to tell me (something)’ or ‘I want to be made to say (something)’.

A quick read of the lyrics, and we’re confident that ‘Suki to Iwasetai‘ is ‘I want you to tell me you like me’.

Type A and Type B are easy enough to find. For the individual member versions and WIZ*ONE fanclub exclusives, you’ll need to hit up the official IZ*ONE online shop.

Use item URLs, names, and images from the site to fill out the DEJAPAN item request form. Read our full blog guide to using the form before you get started.

IZ*ONE merch – 12 of everything

The official website‘s also a great source of each IZ*ONE member’s solo merch: hand fans, muffler towels, T-shirts and hoodies. All waiting for you to pick them up. Use the request form in the same way as above.

And you can make the most of other shop options in 1 place, by checking the DEJAPAN website. Why not bookmark the homepage while you’re here, so we stay in your memory?

Writing this post showed us an important truth. About katakana. Searching for IZ*ONE in Japanese (アイズワン) brings up almost nothing but contact lenses…

It’s better to use the English and Japanese group names together. That works on sites like Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping – and on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, where most of the solo member merch is listed.

Keyholders, badges, trading cards, they’re all being auctioned off second-hand. So you might find your faves at even better prices (give or take the Japan domestic delivery cost).

Let’s show you how to type and search all the IZ*ONE member names in Japanese, too:

And if you’re really lucky, you could spot Japan debut showcase merch. (Gonna need a miracle to find someone reselling the IZ*ONE official penlight, though…)

Oh, it’s your la la la la vie en rose

At DEJAPAN, we wanna help you feed your fandom. No matter if it’s anime, or J-Pop and K-Pop idols, collectible figures, dakimakuras, whatever. WIZ*ONEs can hunt down all kinds of IZ*ONE items, both on our website and by dropping links from other sites into our request form.

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