How to order from the Johnny’s Entertainment official online shop with a proxy service

It finally happened – on May 6th 2019, the official Johnny’s merch website opened. That took long enough. (And the separate Johnny’s Jr. official shop took even longer to open than that…)

The site’s a handy online portal, for ordering photos and other goods you’d usually only find at Johhny’s merch stores across Japan. Except for specific store exclusives, which is a shame, but hey this is a start!

For international fans, there are still a few obstacles between you and the merch. Delivery’s only offered within Japan, so to make an order from any other country you’ll need a Japanese proxy shopping service. And by that, we mean: we can help you.

Step 1 – find your faves

Start on the Johnny’s online shop homepage. That’s assuming you can access it: the site’s down for maintenance from 2am to 5am Japan time every day. Watch out for that when you’re browsing.

The first thing straight under the shop logo header is a search bar. Scroll down a bit more, and you’ll start seeing artist names. Click one to view all merch for that artist.

In other ‘how to’ guides, this’d be where we translate stuff to help you search. Most Johhny’s group names are in English already – hello KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, King & Prince, and Hey! Say! JUMP – so never mind.

Something you might need is the kanji for individual member names. But if you can’t read your oshi’s name in Japanese by now, what kind of Janiwota are you?

Step 2 – decide which items you want

Use either the pink name hashtags to narrow down your options, or the 2 tabs above the item list – 写真 on the left for photos, and グッズ on the right for general goods.

Getting through to some item pages takes a couple extra clicks. For goods, you can just click on them. For photos, click on the pic and it’ll show in a pop-up. You’ll see the price bottom left (followed by 税込, which means it includes 8% tax), and a link to the actual item page bottom right.

You’ll need the item page URLs to make a request order. You can’t right-click and open new tabs – you can’t right-click or highlight text anywhere on the website, thanks Johnny – so keep a note of everything as you go.

For both photos and goods, you can order up to 5 of any 1 item. And there’s a cap of 200 photos per order. Those limits are set by the Johnny’s shop, and may change in future. (We’ll update this if they do.)

Other things you should know about the site before ordering:

  • No cancellations, returns or refunds
  • No adding to or changing orders once they’re made
  • Separate orders can’t be shipped together

For those reasons, please be 100% sure you want all the items you request, and that you’re willing to pay full price for them.

Step 3 – put in an item request with DEJAPAN

The Johnny’s site will let you make an account from anywhere – but with no delivery to countries outside Japan, is there any point? Leave it all to us instead.

Open up our item request form – and the full guide to using the form as well, if you think you’ll need it. Here’s a quick breakdown of how requesting items works. Start on this screen:

Fill in the item name, product page URL, price (in yen, with no comma and no letters/symbols), quantity, and any options (like size, colour, which version). You don’t have to upload an image, but having one helps our warehouse team when your stuff arrives.

Use the ‘Add more items’ button to… add more items… or click the ‘Confirm request’ button to head through to checkout. Log in (or make a new account), and make the 1st payment for your items.

Step 4 – get excited for all those goods arriving

We handle requests manually, so once you’ve filled in the form please wait for us to confirm your order. You’ll get an email – please note that might include info about cancellations (e.g. if something’s out of stock).

The site says orders take roughly a week to be delivered – that’ll be to our warehouse, and you can arrange the international shipping from there. Domestic delivery (inside Japan) costs 648 yen per order, which is added to your 2nd payment along with packaging, shipping, and any other charges.

Sekai ni hitotsu dake no website

The Johnny’s online shop gives global fans more access to official goods, but that still makes it the only place to go. If you don’t mind second-hand items, there’s always Yahoo! Auctions Japan instead.

You can use the DEJAPAN item request form for way more than just Johnny’s merch, too. We take requests from many Japanese websites.

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