Eco Leather and Eco Fur: Japan’s Hottest Winter Fashion Trend

It’s finally getting really chilly in Japan, and people have started to bust out their winter coats for the season. Just layering a sweater and a hoodie aren’t going to cut it at these temperatures!

There’s a noticeable difference between this year’s winter fashion and last year’s. This year, a HUGE number of people are sporting the trendy new eco-friendly materials, Eco Leather and Eco Fur! It’s impossible to walk down the average Japanese street without seeing someone dressed in one or the other.

So what’s the deal? Why the sudden boom in these two materials? Read on and find out!

What’s Eco Fur / Eco Leather?

Eco Leather

Eco Leather actually IS real leather. Generally, making items out of real leather generates a lot of little scraps and cut-off ends. Eco Leather is made by taking these bits and pieces and re-using them to make new material.

Eco Fur

Instead of using real fur taken from an animal, Eco Fur uses synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester to create that same soft and fluffy texture as real fur, at a fraction of the price.

Why choose the Eco version over the real thing?

So why should you choose an item made of Eco Leather or Eco Fur over the real thing? There are a few main benefits to each.

Eco Leather

  • Because it uses the leftover scraps from other processes, rather than brand-new material, it’s super eco friendly.
  • It maintains the unique texture, feel, and aging qualities of real leather.
  • It’s much more durable than fake leather, and items made from Eco Leather can be used for a super long time, if you take proper care of them!

Eco Fur

  • Eco Fur can be made in colors and patterns not found in nature. The endless possibilities make it an extremely versatile material.
  • It costs a fraction of what real fur does, so anyone can enjoy it!
  • It’s much easier to take care of than real fur, and it’s durable, so you don’t have to worry about your precious coat wearing out after one season.

Trending Items

Let’s check out a few Eco Fur and Eco Leather coats that are popular in Japan right now!

Eco Leather

1) Bou Jeloud – Wave Quilted Eco Leather Jacket

A slightly softer take on the classic biker style, this jacket offers comfort as well as style!

  • Brand: Bou Jeloud
  • Features:
    • Subtle quilted wave pattern
    • Fabric side panels for stretch
    • Removable hood
  • Colors: Black (left) or Beige (right)

2) SpRay – Eco Leather Riders Jacket

Pair this jacket with jeans and boots for a super-cool biker look, or go for a more feminine look by pairing it with a dress or skirt!

  • Brand: SpRay
  • Features:
    • Classic Riders Jacket silhouette 
    • Can be paired with a huge variety of other items
    • Perfect body and sleeve length
  • Colors: Black (left), Grayish Beige (right), Brown, or Mocha

3) MEDE19F – Eco Leather Over Coverall

The oversized fit of this jacket allows for creative layering underneath!

  • Brand: MEDE19F
  • Features:
    • Matte finish
    • Distinctive button closure
    • Large pockets
  • Colors: Black

Eco Leather

1) episode – Mokomoko Eco Fur Coat

This soft and fluffy coat is sure to keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months!

  • Brand: episode
  • Features:
    • Oversized collar to keep your neck and shoulders warm
    • Sweet pastel colors for a feminine look
    • Adorable button closure
  • Colors: Blue (left), Beige (right), or Pink

2) HK – Men’s Oversized Street-style Jacket

Featuring the word “ACCELERATOR” across the sleeves and hood, this jacket will keep you warm while you look super cool!

  • Brand: HK
  • Features:
    • Drawstring Hood
    • Hip hop/Korean street style fusion
    • Relaxed oversized-style fit
  • Colors: White with Black (left), Black with White (middle), Black with Red (right), or Beige with Black

3) GYDA – Layered Eco Fur Riders Jacket

This jacket is actually made using BOTH Eco Fur and Eco Leather, and offers a ton of versatility with its removable riders jacket front panels!

  • Brand: GYDA
  • Features:
    • Long, high-fashion style Eco Fur outside
    • Illusion of wearing two layered jackets
    • Removable belts on sleeves
  • Colors: Beige (left), Gray (middle), or Mixed (right)

Bundle Up!

With all the options offered by Eco Leather and Eco Fur, staying warm this winter won’t be hard! And it doesn’t stop there; Eco Leather and Eco Fur are used in a ton of other types of items too, like handbags and accessories. Get in on this trend while it’s hot!

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