Yet another Japanese weight loss trend’s brewing: a taster of Super Diet Coffee

Japanese food is awesome. And we live in Osaka – Japan’s kitchen – which is where the foodie fun’s at.

Diets aren’t things we think about. Like, ever. But coffee, now that stuff runs through our minds (and bloodstreams) all day. So when we found out about ‘Super Diet Coffee‘, we got real confused.

It’s hard to work out where it started, but various websites claim the maker of Super Diet Coffee is either Avon or TKM. We’ve seen it sold in a bunch of places – we love when coffee’s nice and easy to find.

The item descriptions boast you can lose weight just by switching to this coffee. There’s not much info in English so far, but on Japanese shopping sites Super Diet Coffee’s all over the place. Let’s check it out.

What’s in Super Diet Coffee?

That’s our first question. And the answer is ‘powdered extract of raw coffee beans’.

There’s a lot more in this coffee than just coffee. White bean extract helps your body absorb less sugars (so, less carbs). Aloe works as an antioxidant. Oats add fibre to your new liquid diet. Collagen’s in there as well, along with some hyaluronic acid, because why the hell not.

A big surprise on that ingredient list is… capsaicin! Yep, spice from chilli peppers. Not just for torturing your taste buds. Capsaicin’s got a minor reputation for helping with fat burn and weight loss. Let’s hope it doesn’t burn on the way in or the way out.

And then, there’s Z-Trim: a fat substitute created in America. The Wikipedia page reads like an advert written by a Z-Trim Holdings employee, but we’ll tell you what we can. Z-Trim’s a type of fibre that can’t be digested. That fibre content takes up space in your tummy, making you feel less hungry. It’s protected by 13 US patents, has 0 calories and 0 side effects. Okay then.

Does it work?

Together, Super Diet Coffee ingredients should lower your appetite, help to burn fat, and stop your body from taking in stuff that’s bad for you. That’s how you should lose the weight.

There’s no concrete scientific research we can find online, one way or the other. So we’re just gonna roll with what’s already out there and hope it’s not all fake reviews.

The key advice is to drink your coffee black, with no added milk or sugar. Well, duh, okay.

Things that stopped our Kei-chan from doing a Super Diet Coffee challenge:

  • Can’t – seriously can’t – drink black coffee
  • Doesn’t feel the need to drop any weight right now
  • Loves food way too much
  • Wouldn’t touch capsaicin if you paid her

Reviews on Rakuten Japan span from “holy crap, this really works!” to “can’t tell if I lost any weight, but it’s delicious, oh well” and a lot in between. The worst review we saw was ‘not a fan of the taste, I sucked it up and used the whole pack, but I’ll pass on getting more’. So even the haters hold out for the health benefits… at least for a while.

Super Diet Coffee’s also listed on J-beauty review website Cosme as a ‘food supplement’. The reviews on there are pretty similar. A lot of repeat buyers, which seems like a good sign.

The advice from the makers is to drink 2-5 cups a day, 30 mins before activity (like sports, or taking the dog for a walk). They’re not outright saying ‘this incredible black liquid is your lunch now’, but close enough.

Is it really good for you?

Sure, Cosme classes Super Diet Coffee as a supplement. But we can’t recommend replacing food with coffee, so don’t take it that far. Only replace the coffee with more coffee. A few cups a day mixed in with your usual diet isn’t gonna hurt.

Aside from what the special ingredients are meant to do, black coffee’s low in calories anyway. Switching from milky, sugary coffee would have a pretty obvious effect. Plus, with many reviews agreeing Super Diet Coffee tastes just fine, you might start to like it.

If you’re a coffee fan, give it a go – without starving yourself – and see how it makes you feel.

Where’s good to buy Super Diet Coffee online?

With free domestic (Japan) shipping on some orders from Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping, it’s easier to give Super Diet Coffee a try. And Kei-chan’s around on the DEJAPAN Twitter if you wanna chat about coffee.

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