Q-pot accessories: sugar sweet fake food fashion

Q-pot is where real-looking fake food, kawaii-ness, and girly fashion jewellery meet.

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The Q-pot concept is ‘accessories as a way for people to connect’. They make people happy, whether they wear them or spot other people wearing them.

(It’s true, if we see someone in the street covered in Q-pot jewellery, we’re gonna admire their outfit.)

The ‘pot’ in Q-pot is a pot of mystery. You never know what’ll jump out of it.

If the fun and smiles the brand creates can spread across the world, we might all live in peace. It’s a bold ambition for any company. The whole world bonding over cupcake handbag charms and lollipop necklaces. What a lovely idea that is.

Some pics in this post are from the Q-pot Cafe Twitter. It’s all in Japanese, but worth following if you need cuteness in your eyeballs every day.

Kawaii in every sweet flavour you can think of

So far, Q-pot’s made accessories that look like:

  • macarons
  • chocolate
  • pancakes
  • strawberries
  • kiwis
  • lemons
  • smoothies
  • doughnuts
  • ice cream
  • cookies
  • coffee

We’ll stop there, but you know it’s a way longer list than that. If it’s sugary and edible, Q-pot’s gonna try and hang it off the end of a necklace.

And if it’s not food, they’ll make it food so it still counts. Those chocolate-covered Star Wars accessories were inspired. Matcha choco green Yoda feels… obvious, when you see it, but still total genius.

Q-pot’s also done cute collabs with Disney – Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and Winnie the Pooh – and Sailor Moon. All limited edition runs, that you might see pop up on Yahoo! Auctions Japan resales.

The creative guy shaping feminine foody fashion

The lead designer behind these crazy delicious looks is Takaaki Wakamatsu. He’s well known here both for the kawaii awesomeness that is Q-pot, and as one of the first, big influences on Japan’s ‘sweets culture’ boom.

Interestingly, Wakamatsu-san used to be a model for Men’s Non-No. After training with another accessory designer, he started Q-pot in 2002. Why the unusual career change?

Wakamatsu’s said in interviews that, back when he was modelling, he had trouble talking to people. We never thought a male model would have that problem – guess it happens to all of us sometimes. He decided to become a creator, as a way to better express himself.

Inspiration for the sweets theme came from his daughter, who always looks happy when she eats cake. Hey, he got married in the end, good for him. And how can anyone not look happy eating cake? Whipped cream’s often a key part of Q-pot’s macaron, fruit, and cupcake designs.

A sweets paradise (not the buffet one, the other one)

Not content with making wearable fake food, the brand serves up real food at the Q-pot Cafe in Tokyo. It’s a great pitstop on a kawaii-themed visit to Japan. The cafe’s open every day (even during holidays), and started taking reservations in May 2018.

Q-pot puts 1000% effort into making you smile when you sit down to eat. Design is everything, from the biscuit-shaped tables and wall art to the secret message at the bottom of every teacup.

And the real desserts are Instagenic as hell. The cheesecake’s styled to look like a block of cheese, complete with holes. It’s hard to tell the edible macarons and cupcakes from the fakes you’d wear. You almost – almost – won’t wanna eat them.

Feed your love of cute Japanese fashion

Q-pot’s Japan online shop is awesome, and has some rare finds – not every product makes it to the international store. When we wrote this, the English site was showing around 400 products… but the Japanese site had over 1,000.

Use our item request form if you’re after a Japan exclusive. Drop URLs from the online shop into the form to order via DEJAPAN. Your other options: see which Q-pot goods are selling on Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping, and Yahoo! Auctions.

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