Wrist rests while you work: 9 cute, comfy PC cushions from Japan

We type thousands of words every day to bring you guys news and merch from Japan, so we know that adequate wrist support is vital. Nope, we’re not talking about boob mouse pads this time. Those only cushion one wrist at a time…

What we need is something that offers double protection. And that’s where a PC cushion comes in handy. It sits on your desk, in front of the keyboard, keeping your arms comfortably propped up.

Game and anime-themed PC character cushions are usually paired with a huggable plush. Like that character’s working or browsing along with you. The cushion and plush aren’t permanently attached, so you can use them together or separately.

Some cushions have a ‘keyboard keys’ design on top – there’s no way you’d mistake it for a real computer keyboard, but it’s a nice touch.


Let’s start with the obvious: there’s a Pikachu PC cushion, why wouldn’t there be? You can trust this cute plush not to ‘peek at’ your screen.

You can also choose Eevee or Meowth to be your loyal start-up screen pal. Their arm rest cushions have different designs as well. Spot Team Rocket on the Meowth PC cushion, and on Eevee’s version you’ll see Eeveelutions and several other Pokemon.

If your fave Pokemon’s more obscure, you might be out of luck. Making hundreds of different wrist rests and plushies is gonna take a while. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to see if more Pokemon PC cushions get announced.

Hatsune Miku

Create a new Vocaloid song or MMD video, under the careful direction of PC cushion/producer Miku. She’s impressively detailed from pigtails to boots, almost as much as a collectible figure would be.

The top/bottom designs on the cushion are both keyboards: one technical, one musical. It’s a cute touch exclusive to the Miku version. So are those chunky DDR-style arrow keys on the ‘computer’ side.


Well… the internet’s kinda like an Anywhere Door? The sites you visit are totally your business. Like pretty much every other cushion featured on this blog, the Doraemon plush doesn’t have fingers. It’s not even gonna get as far as the ‘www.’ bit. Your browser history is safe.

Spot this iconic blue cat playing around on the PC cushion’s ‘keys’ instead. There are a few surprises to discover when you take a closer look, too…


Go ahead and relax at your desk with Rilakkuma! This PC cushion was released in 2016, and is already kinda scarce online. We guess this lovable bear is the desktop companion people’ve been waiting for.

San-X has made sure you’ll feel laid back with this plush and arm rest set. The yellow cushion that Rilakkuma faithfully holds for you doesn’t even have a keyboard on it. Just a cute dots pattern. (Which includes some Rilakkuma head shapes – see if you can find them all.)


Real capybaras are known for their docile nature. Capybara-san lives a quiet, relaxed life too. It attaches to, and detaches from, the matching arm rest with cute flowery buttons.

Aw, this design is one of the cutest for sure. If only there was a functional Capybara-san keyboard out there. We’d have the most kawaii computer set-up ever.


Funassy’s wearing computer glasses at the keyboard. Day made. Very few other Funasshy plushies have glasses – maybe only the special Itte Q festival version? Which can be hard to find.

As part of the unique design, it looks like this hyperactive pear vandalised the arm rest cushion… Those marks clearly line up with where Funassy’s arms stick out. What does it even say? ‘Bam bam bam’? Huh.


Kumamoto’s lovable bear mascot comes with a bright red cushion to match his cheeks. He’s not blushing, but that face expression says it all. “WHAT the hell is this YouTube video you’re making me watch?” Hey, everyone’s got their hobbies.

Surprisingly, for such a popular character Kumamon’s one of the newer PC cushions. It was released in mid-2017, as one more way to show your support for Kumamoto prefecture.


So far, we’ve spotted PC cushion versions of Agumon and Gabumon. Both were made to promote Digimon Adventure Tri. The arm rests have ‘dejimoji’ characters on the keys. Do they match the alphabet, or the hiragana characters on Japanese keyboards? Honestly, we spent a good 20 minutes staring at the pics, and we still have no idea.

Weirdly, the Digimon PC cushion descriptions – and every other PC cushion product page – says they’re ideal for using at the office. Take it from us, we couldn’t get away with these. Mainly because everyone else would want one…

Kamen Rider

Who’d have thought a Kamen Rider could look this cute. That’s the plushie effect. Make a soft huggable version of any character, give it a nice squishy filling, and you’ll never see it as anything other than super kawaii.

The one above is from Kamen Rider 555 (go go go). And Premium Bandai released 2 super limited edition Kamen Rider Den-O character PC cushions. A ‘Sword Form’ version, and a Momotaros Imagin.

The riders get some of the best wrist rests – they’re futuristic on top, with a fun design underneath. How come our computers can’t look that cool? Looks like we’ll have to ‘Kamen Rider Build’ our own.

Get more kawaii at your keyboard

Most of the PC character cushions we’ve shown you are made by Bandai. When these show up on sites like Rakuten and Amazon Japan, you can order them through us. If there’s a character or a cushion you can’t find on DEJAPAN, request it (with the product URL) using our contact form.

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