Become an online shopping shinobi: Japanese ninja goods

Remember that fake news story about a Japanese city taking ninja applications? Over 100 people (from 20+ countries!) sent their CVs over.

Turns out they don’t need new ninjas, but it proves everyone secretly wants to be one. And that a surprising amount of people think they’re fully qualified.

It’s a job that doesn’t require relocation – you can do it from home. Order ninja goods online, from Japanese websites, for the full ninja experience… without booking plane tickets.

Ninja cosplay

Rule of the Japanese internet: if it exists, there’s a cosplay outfit for it. Ninjas are no exception. You can tell it’s only cosplay, though, ’cause ninja outfits are super easy to find.

Browse online for ninja cosplay styles and sizing to suit everyone. Women’s styles maybe count as ‘kunoichi wear’, but if you wanna be a ninja good for you. And aren’t most kids secretly ninjas anyway?

Tabi socks

Complete the head-to-separated-toe look! A ninja without tabi socks is like a geisha without hair accessories. Or Doraemon without a bell. It’s not natural. Go the whole way, and get a pair of rubber boots to match.

Not all tabi are black, far from it. Lots of people wear white tabi socks with geta sandals, to match a kimono or yukata. So to quickly tell if you’re dealing with a ninja or a festival-goer, take a look at their feet.

‘Ninja pins’

These push pins don’t look like ninjas, but they act like it. If you’re renting, most of the time you’re not allowed to pin stuff to the walls. And doing it leaves kinda obvious holes, so you’re gonna get busted.

Ninja pins leave smaller marks that are harder to notice. The little sneaks of the home decor world. It’s down to the thinner pin shape at the tip. When you take ninja pins back out, it’s like they were never there.

Rubber shuriken sets

Just as easy – maybe even easier – to throw. Way less likely to take someone’s eye out. Okay, okay, maybe that was your plan. But getting a shuriken back without an eyeball on the end feels less icky, trust us.

Discover all the subtle different rubber shuriken shapes, like manji (curved 4-pointer), sanko (3 points), shiho (4 points), and roppo (6 points). Or the ‘1-sided shuriken’, the kunai throwing dagger.

Ninja umbrellas

Keep yourself dry like a badass. From the sword hilt handle to the dragon cover, a ninja umbrella looks the part. Even covered in ninja gear, getting damp in the rain’s no fun, so stay dry out there.

It looks like you’re drawing a weapon – don’t whip out your umbrella too fast! People around you might freak out. And besides, who slices through rain? You’d look like the most clueless ninja ever.

Authentic Japanese ninja goods, direct from Japan

We can’t offer you the sharp and pointy stuff. Trying to get a katana through customs isn’t worth the hassle.

But if you’ve got your heart set on that shinobi life, sneak a peek at the ninja-themed items on DEJAPAN. You don’t need to know any Japanese – we’ll help you order in English, for international shipping.

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