Kiss Me Heroine Make: beauty and the brave

On trips to Japan, beauty fanatics stuff their suitcases with Kiss Me Heroine Make cosmetics. The brand (created by Isehan) seems to pop up in makeup reviews a lot.

What makes Heroine Make popular?

Heroine Make inspires women and girls to become heroines. That’s an ambitious, admirable position.

Another big reason behind the brand’s popularity is obvious, if you look closely enough. We mean, look closely at your face afterwards. The products work – and seriously well. Once you put on mascara and/or eyeliner, it doesn’t move. Not so much as a smudge. You could cry over your favourite anime ship for hours, it’ll stay put.

Isehan keeps on making the makeup better, too. The mascara range has been updated twice. Now, they all include soft royal jelly extract to keep your eyelashes moisturised and smooth. As well as camellia, wild rose, and argan oils. Reviewers call it their ‘holy grail’ mascara, and for good reason.

But the best thing about Heroine Make? Every single item in the range is actually affordable. It’s a drugstore brand, sold in thousands of stores across Japan.

Be anything you want, but always stylish

Heroine Make has an image character. Is there anything in Japan that doesn’t?

Our cartoon heroine is Princess Elizabeth Himeko (half-French). She’s part of the royal family in the Beauty Kingdom. Her mother won’t forgive any beauty compromises, and her father has both a brilliant mind and a playful side. You’ll never see the princess with anything less than perfect makeup and hair.

Her life goal is to bring girls the perfect items and advice that’ll make their beauty worries disappear. She can travel to our world via a magic mirror. Makes her personal blog look kinda unnecessary. Oh, and she has a cat that looks really like Duchess from the Aristocats. (Figures.)

Elizabeth isn’t afraid to let out a few tears sometimes, because she knows it won’t ruin her mascara.

The real-life face of Kiss Me Heroine Make is half-Canadian talent-model-celeb, Maggy.

Sure, most of us don’t get a fan and a makeup artist. Even so, seeing Heroine Make used on pro photoshoots gives you an idea of the quality and staying power. It’s kinda refreshing seeing Maggy put some of her own makeup on, too. She makes that mascara look real easy to apply.

Super cosmetic power, make up!

The makeup range has all the face essentials: eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, BB and CC creams, and powder. Boost their effectiveness with accessories, like Heroine Make eyelash curlers and eyelid glue. And for good measure, Heroine Make also sells fake eyelashes and coloured contact lenses.

Everything your eyes need.

For a budget cosmetics brand, they’ve really paid attention to the packaging. Check out the cute details and fancy metallic finishes. It’s got the feel of a more expensive makeup range, without those price tags. And the princess is always right there on the pack. Most of the time she’s not crying, which is a good sign.

The English on the tubes is helpful.

On Japan’s highly respected beauty reviews site, Cosme, Heroine Make ‘super keep’ eyeliner was the best of 2016. Satisfied shoppers leave comments like: “everyone told me this would stay on all day, and I didn’t believe them, but it so does.” Other reviews:

  • Eyeliner usually gives me panda eyes, but this one doesn’t
  • I bought this because the reviews were good and now I’m on my 4th one
  • Really love the colour more than other eyeliners

The 3rd edition of the mascara‘s so tough – it’s waterproof and smudgeproof – that Heroine Make created their own eye makeup remover. The other option is to thoroughly use soap with warm water. But do you really want to be rubbing soap near your eye? Yeah, no thanks.

Princess-ify your face with Heroine Make

Be brave, don’t cry – well, with no service fee on DEJAPAN orders there’s nothing to cry about. Order Kiss Me Heroine Make makeup online.

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